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Accent Modification

Accent Connection group

ACCENT CONNECTIONS provides individualized American English accent programs for professionals who want to improve their communication effectiveness. Individuals who can benefit from this program include professionals in the areas of education, medicine, business, engineering, government and any other profession that requires effective English communication skills. Individual and small group instruction is available face-to-face as well as online through video teleconferencing with clients around the world. Training programs include the following:


A communication evaluation that analyzes each individual’s speech and language patterns

• Training materials

Weekly classes that focus on changing individual speech-language patterns that contribute to effective English communication

Home practice materials that are imperative to success with this program

A post-program evaluation to demonstrate changes in American English production

A follow up consultation to ensure continued success

Classes typically meet 1-2 times weekly for one hour sessions. Depending on the amount of accent modification training required, programs run from 8-12 weeks. Scheduled class times are flexible and can be conducted at your business/organization site, at our office or online. Companies may provide this training as professional development training. To find out more about which program is best for you and the associated fees, please contact us at: or 803-960-4158.

FREE ONLINE SCREENING – If you would like personalized feedback on your accented speech, click on the button below to take this free, online screening