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ACCENT CONNECTIONS – American English Accent Modification

Building Intercultural Connections through Effective Communication

Welcome to ACCENT CONNECTIONS, an accent modification program that helps professionals around the world improve their American English communication skills. Accent modification, also referred to as accent reduction, accent modification, dialect coaching and foreign accent management, involves identifying and changing patterns in speech and language production that may be causing individuals to not be understood or even misunderstood when they communicate in English. This is NOT an English as a Second Language (ESL) class but an advanced program that helps professionals improve their professional and personal communication effectiveness when using American English.

In our individualized accent modification program, professionals receive an in-depth evaluation of their speech/language production as well as an assessment of their professional communication needs. A personalized program is developed based on individuals’ communication patterns. This program is taught by a certified instructor either face-to-face or online through video-conferencing technology. Instruction focuses on improving understandability and fluency through work on specific sound production, intonation, stress, voice projection, rate of speech and pronunciation of profession-specific vocabulary. Professionals are provided with practice materials throughout the program to internalize these strategies for more fluent and understandable American English. The main goal of Accent Connections is to help professionals build intercultural connections through effective communication.